The COCOO is a London-based public affairs charity that furthers the public interest by adopting communication strategies with worldwide public companies, governments and Institutions. The COCOO acts ex-officio to identify and enforce solutions against potential and actual systemic distortions, in national and international markets and industries. The COCOO is ethical, non-partisan, independent and influential. The COCOO exists to ensure a competitive level playing field for all public companies, nations, governments and institutions worldwide.

The COCOO is bound by a constitutional duty to proactively monitor potential and actual competition constraints to promote economic efficiencies and positive externalities for the benefit of all stakeholders. The COCOO helps national governments, institutions and public companies, comply with competition law and competition policy. By doing so, the COCOO promotes competitive markets and tackles anticompetitive behaviour in all markets and industries worldwide.

The COCOO is dedicated to safeguarding fair competition, promoting innovation and protecting the public interest. The COCOO provides comprehensive due diligence reports to national governments and public companies, that identify potential distortions of competition law, of investment and of public policy. The COCOO’s due diligence reports are also addressed to the European Commission, national competition authorities, private sector trade unions and public sector agencies, providing them with in-depth insights to help them make better decisions


STRUCTURE (the charity) is a Member of the UK Charity Commission with registration number 1139020

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The Competition & Consumer Organisation Party Limited (the COCOO), is the trading subsidiary of the Charity. The COCOO is a Member of Companies House with registration number 15466919

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The COCOO is a Member of the European Union Transparency Register with registration number: 177568392007-84

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The COCOO is a Member of the UKLR (the UK Lobbying Register) which recognises the CIPR Code of Conduct

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